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Inland Marine Insurance 

Inland marine insurance may provide coverage for various types of commercial property, including items that are in transit, stored off-site or movable. It may also cover specialty equipment and others’ property that is temporarily in your possession.

Our agency can help you secure the inland marine insurance policy that best suits your business’s needs. Contact us today to get started.

What Does Inland Marine Insurance Cover?

Inland marine insurance may provide repair or replacement costs for several types of business property, such as:

  • Specialty equipment and tools
  • Property being transported over land
  • Movable business property
  • Your business’s property a third party is storing temporarily
  • Unique and valuable property (e.g., jewelry and art)
  • Property of a third party temporarily in your business’s care

If these or other eligible items are damaged or destroyed by covered perils (e.g., fire or wire), are stolen or go missing without a known cause, inland marine insurance may provide repair or replacement costs. This financial assistance can reduce your business’s out-of-pocket burden.

Specific types of coverage under the inland marine insurance umbrella may also be available (e.g., motor truck cargo insurance, bailee coverage and builder’s risk insurance). Contact your agent for more information regarding eligible property, options, terms, limits and exclusions.

Get Inland Marine Insurance

Our knowledgeable professionals are ready to help your business secure the inland marine insurance that meets your needs. Contact Staebell Insurance Group for more information or a quote.

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